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8 Essential Construction Project Management Tips

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Although the construction industry saw a 7% gain in nominal value added in 2023, unfortunately, experts say the increase was likely due to price inflation, not volume.

However, 2024 forecasting shows that clean energy, manufacturing, and transportation will significantly add to the industry, leading to a profit and staffing increase. Any construction company that wants to capitalize on this growth needs executive leaders who can carry out effective project management.

Follow these eight construction project management tips, and your project will be a guaranteed success!

1. Develop a Solid Game Plan

Every construction project needs a management plan with the following components:

  • A solid foundation
  • Clearly defined goals and mission
  • Roles and responsibilities of the team members
  • The needs of all the project stakeholders

The plan of operation can detail the project’s scope through its lifecycle. The traditional phases ofconstruction planning are:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Launch
  4. Performance
  5. Closure (Close Out)

Build incremental deliverables and goals into the plan for each phase and establish measurable success benchmarks. Project planning can (and should) also include risk management. Identify where potential problems could occur and come up with solutions during planning.

2. Know All the Details

Without knowing the intricate details of the project, you cannot accurately lay out the scope of work. Thus, the more information you have, the more prepared your team will be for the project and any hurdles that come up during the duration.

Importantly, staying organized is vital as construction projects have many moving parts and details. Implementing organizational skills ensures your team can make modifications or adjustments to changing details when necessary.

If this is something you or your team need assistance with, many project-focused software options can help track details and streamline workflow processes.

3. Provide Construction Teams with Leadership

Following these construction management tips and tricks would be nearly impossible without reliable leaders guiding the team. Good leadership drives performance.

Although successful construction project management executives exhibit effective communication and leadership skills, they frequently check in with their team to ensure each member understands their role and requirements.

Team leaders should also be able to identify and use the strengths of each member to benefit the project. They should provide constructive feedback and offer training opportunities to improve performance. Lastly, they should ask for feedback so they, too, can improve.

4. Monitor Construction Costs Closely

The project’s success depends on cost management. Without tracking spending, the procurement of materials, equipment,supplies, permits, and wages could easily lead to an over-budget project. No one likes going over budget, especially clients.

Plenty of construction software options or expense-tracking apps assist with monitoring costs. There are also budgeting templates to help you stay on track and document any cost changes.

Tracking spending also helps limit delays, minimize waste, and keep equipment up-to-date and functioning correctly. This goes a long way to keep your team safe and clients satisfied.

5. Manage Your Time Wisely

During the bidding process, you’ll need to provide a timeline for the project. Yet, although timelines work well to ensure the construction process remains on track, you may also consider using a Gantt chart.

A Gannt chart is a bar chart that shows the project schedule. It uses horizontal bars to demonstrate each activity and its duration. Having this chart displayed in real-time on dashboards on the job site can be more effective as it’s visually engaging.

You can also consider using automation tools like project management software to streamline processes and save time.

Whatever construction technology you use, you must find one that works for your team to manage time. Falling behind could mean risking your integrity to important clients.

6. Have the Right Team in Place

One of the construction management tips to not overlook is the people on your team. In short, the project team can make or break the project.

While everyone plays an essential role on the team, the manager is the most vital. They are responsible for fostering a positive and productive work environment. This person should motivate and inspire the team to do their best work and challenge them to do so.

The manager must also align the skills, talents, and personalities of those on the team in a way that will serve the project best. While their job is to lead, they also need to ensure team cohesion.

Additionally, each member should have clearly defined tasks and expectations. This way, everyone can work together to accomplish the project’s mission.

7. Build Positive Relationships

Construction sites typically have various types of construction professionals working on-site. From general contractors and subcontractors toconstruction managers and project owners, this doesn’t even begin to cover all those involved in a construction project.

Thus, it’s essential to maintain positive relationships with all. You can do this by:

  • Including relevant members in meetings
  • Giving access to project documents
  • Remaining respectful and professional

You can also foster positivity by celebrating project milestones as a team. Smaller milestones may come with a free lunch, while the completion of a project may entail a grand opening event.

8. Roll with the Changes

As the project progresses from pre-construction to construction, setbacks will inevitably occur. When they do, you need quick and decisive decision-making to keep the project on track. Teams that can adapt and adjust when necessary, excel at completing projects on time and keeping clients happy.

For instance, if a client decides at the last minute to use natural wood decking instead ofcomposite decking or the city puts new building codes into place, don’t waste time dwelling on the inconveniences. Complete the change order as soon as possible to keep the project moving.

If you brainstorm solutions to foreseeable problems during the planning phase, your team can adapt much better when the situation demands it.

Top Construction Project Management Tip: Work with the Right Suppliers

When you and your team follow these construction project management tips, you’ll be better positioned to stay on budget, not stray from the timeline, and keep clients satisfied with their projects.

One last tip is to ensure you work with the best suppliers: those who are reliable and can deliver on time. If you need dock or decking supplies,get in touch with Harbor Exports today! We offer affordable and durable products throughout the Eastern and Southern U.S. regions.

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