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  1. How to Stop Soil Erosion Behind Your Seawall

    Soil erosion behind deteriorating seawalls is a serious issue that often goes unnoticed, leading to significant damage and costly repairs. Your first line of defense in stopping soil erosion is…
  2. can you paint engineered wood

    Can You Paint Engineered Wood?

    You may often encounter situations where you need to update or transform engineered wood surfaces. But can you paint engineered wood products (EWP)? Absolutely! A new coat of paint is…
  3. view of a dock on the ocean

    Types of Railing Deck Design Ideas

    In this article, we will explore a diverse range of deck railing styles that are sure to captivate your imagination and elevate the overall ambiance of your deck.
  4. best wood for underwater use

    What’s the Best Wood for Underwater Use?

    When deciding on the best wood for underwater usage, there are a few things to keep in mind to guarantee durability and resilience.  In this blog post, we will delve…
  5. bulkhead material

    Guide to Bulkhead Materials: Which Should You Use? 

    Bulkheads are a crucial component of marine construction. They protect coastal areas by helping to control erosion, reduce flooding, and limit damage to structures behind them. To accomplish all this,…
  6. what kind of lumber is good for rainy weather

    What’s the Best Kind of Lumber for Rainy Weather?

    Rainy weather can be a challenge for any construction project. However, with the right kind of lumber, you can ensure your building stands up to even the wettest conditions.  This…
  7. vinyl seawall

    8 Reasons to Choose Vinyl for Your Seawall

    Data from the U.S. EPA and NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information shows that the global sea level has risen by about eight inches since 1880 when scientific record-keeping began.…
  8. galvanized steel vs stainless steel

    Galvanized Steel vs. Stainless Steel: Which Is Better?

    Stainless and galvanized steel are two of the most common materials used in production. They both offer strength, flexibility, and durability against the elements. But each has pros and cons…
  9. best deck railing material

    The Best Deck Railing Materials Explained

    Are you building a deck but feeling unsure about the best deck railing material to choose? With a plethora of railing options, it can be challenging to know which material…
  10. heat treated vs pressure treated lumber

    Heat-Treated vs. Pressure-Treated Lumber

    When it comes to building materials, homeowners and commercial contractors simply love using wood. That’s because wood is beautiful for outdoor uses such as decking, fences, and various types of…