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Seawall Construction Materials

Marine Lumber, Vinyl Seawall Panels, and Seawall Hardware

Seawalls protect coastal areas and create safe havens for marine life. Since they are often subject to extreme conditions, quality seawall materials can make the difference between a durable seawall and one that you need to replace in a few years. At Harbor Exports, we source products from trusted partners who consistently deliver the highest-quality construction materials. 

Top-Class Marine Grade Lumber  

Marine-grade lumber takes two primary forms: hardwoods and pressure-treated softwoods. They provide an attractive, natural appearance that can withstand harsh marine environments for many years. 

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Hardwood seawall materials are an excellent choice for individuals looking for a more natural appearance than vinyl. Due to their internal structure, hardwoods resist rotting and insect damage without chemical treatments. 

Exotic hardwoods offer beauty and durability without chemical treatments. They resist rot, decay, and marine organisms. They also have high strength-to-weight ratios, making them ideal for construction projects under loads, such as seawalls and docks. Some of the hardwoods we supply for seawall construction materials include: 

  • Ipe — Also known as Brazilian Walnut, ipe is a hardwood of incredible durability. It is highly resistant to rot and decay, although some subspecies may fall vulnerable to certain marine borers. Colors range from reddish brown to black-brown.  
  • Garapa — Another South American hardwood, garapa has a more golden or yellowish appearance that darkens with age. It is an excellent hardwood choice for marine projects that want a light-colored appearance.  
  • Tigerwood — Also called goncalo alves, this hardwood grows from Mexico southward. Its medium color falls between ipe and garapa. Tigerwood is remarkably durable and resists rot and weathering, making it an ideal choice for seawall construction.  

Marine-Grade Pressure-Treated Lumber 

When choosing seawall materials, you want products specifically designed for underwater and saltwater applications. Standard pressure-treated lumber will not meet these requirements. Harbor Exports supplies premium-quality marine-grade lumber that will last for decades, even under harsh conditions. 

Pressure-treated marine lumber is an affordable seawall material. Copper is commonly used as a treatment agent, and it comes in several formulations for different applications.   

At Harbor Exports, we supply premium-quality, marine-grade treated softwoods designed for water contact construction projects that meet standards for marine construction established by the American Wood Protection Association. 

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Seawall Panels

Preformed panels offer a cost-effective solution to seawall construction. Installation is quick and simple compared to building an entire seawall on-site. This helps reduce construction time and cost, helping you complete your project on time and within budget. 

Vinyl is a common material for preformed seawall panels. It offers many benefits compared to other seawall construction materials, including: 

  • Rot resistance — Unlike natural materials, vinyl will not rot, even in direct contact with water. This makes it an attractive choice for seawall construction.  
  • Environmentally friendly — Vinyl is an environmentally responsible building material choice. Many seawall panel manufacturers use recycled material during manufacturing. Additionally, installation requires less heavy equipment than other materials, allowing for less disturbance of sensitive marine environments.  
  • Lightweight — The lightweight nature of vinyl seawall panels means they are easier to transport, lift, and install.  
  • Finished appearance — Panels are available in a range of colors and styles, so you get the finished appearance you want without having to do any finishing. No need to paint or seal also means you aren’t adding extra chemicals to the water around your project.  
  • Durability — Seawall construction is a major undertaking. When you choose vinyl seawall panels, you won’t have to rebuild for a long time. Panels are resistant to UV damage, marine borers, and corrosion.  
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Vanguard Vinyl Seawall 

Vanguard uses high-quality vinyl that will not rot, fade, or corrode to make its seawall panels. They are UV- and impact-resistant to withstand harsh coastal environments. Additionally, Vanguard constructs its seawall sheets from recycled materials, making them an especially environmentally friendly option. 

ESP Vinyl Seawall 

Everlast Synthetic Products designs its seawall panels to last for years of service. They resist UV degradation and marine borers. Additionally, unlike metal or wood, vinyl will not corrode in a wet environment. ESP backs these qualities with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured your new ESP seawall panels will last for decades. 

Vinyl seawalls offer superior protection from the elements with many benefits over other construction materials. They are ideal for smaller seawalls or those in somewhat sheltered locations that have minimal impact from tides and severe storms.  

However, vinyl does not have the strength of concrete or steel, so it may not withstand the forces found in the harshest marine environments. Our knowledgeable team at Harbor Exports can help you determine if one of these vinyl products is a good choice for your seawall project. 

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Seawall Construction Hardware 

Stainless steel is a top choice for seawall hardware. It offers exceptional strength, resists corrosion and discoloration, and is easy to maintain. As an alloy, its components are chemically bonded for extra protection. Additionally, stainless steel seawall materials are fully recyclable, reducing the total environmental impact of your project. 

Many construction projects use galvanized hardware. It is a cost-effective option and works well in non-visible locations. Galvanized steel has a layer of zinc added to its surface. This adds protection from moisture and corrosion; however, galvanized steel is not as corrosion-resistant as stainless, especially when in direct contact with saltwater. 

At Harbor Exports, we supply all types of galvanized and stainless steel marine hardware. No matter what type of seawall materials you choose, we can provide the necessary hardware to complete the project: 

  • Fasteners connect various seawall construction materials, including panels, caps, and pilings.  
    • Screws 
    • Nuts and Bolts 
    • Washers  
  • Rods and studs add structural support to seawall construction. Anchor and tie-back rods are integral components of any seawall. Using premium materials reduces the risk of seawall failure.  
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Your Source for Premium Seawall Construction Materials 

Harbor Exports sources the highest quality seawall materials from reputable companies. We then deliver, package, and ship materials to job sites around the globe. Contact us for all your marina needs!