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Import Dock Parts and Accessories for Your Next Project

Boating is a cherished amenity that calms the mind and renews the spirit. Whether you want to build a boat dock for a planned community or install one in the back of your dream home, you’ll need quality dock accessories to bring your vision to life. 

Based in sunny Florida, Harbor Exports is your one-stop shop for importing and exporting dock accessories, supplies, and other materials to the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and beyond. To learn more about our shipping process and get a quote, get in touch with us today.

Dock Accessories We Ship Across the Globe

Dock Fenders

Even the most seasoned sailors bump into the dock on accident, which causes damage and wear and tear to docks and boats. 

Harbor Exports carries FEND-ALLⓇ dock fenders to increase the longevity of your dock. Easy to install by just one person, extremely durable, and offered at an affordable price point, we have a variety of customizable fender sizes and shapes to suit your dock. FEND-ALLⓇ dock fenders were made for high energy absorption and to withstand harsh marine environments. 

Dock Boxes & Receptacles

You’ll never trip over clutter, fishing gear, or items if you have convenient storage. Our dock boxes and sturdy receptacles make it easy to tidy up your dock, stow items safely to prevent damage, and keep your dock safe from accidents and tripping hazards.

Our spacious dock boxes keep things like aquatic gear, cushions,  and extra rope out of the way. Choose from our smallest 25” long dock boxes up to 96” wide with louvered vents. Or, request a specialty box tailored to corners and curved spaces. 

Space is at a premium when it comes to docks and boats. That’s why we offer a seated dock box to transform your storage into a bench or chair with a cushion to maximize your usable space. 

Plus, our dock boxes are built to last against the punishing sun exposure, salt water, and weather. And don’t worry about your fingers with heavy lids: we offer optional gas shocks to keep them from slamming shut on your hands. 

Whatever your storage needs, we’ll find you a perfect solution.

Dock Ladders

A ladder is an essential dock accessory, and Harbor Exports has gone the extra mile with real-world customer testing to ensure our ladders are safe, reliable, and convenient to use. The best ladders let you easily climb back up from the water or step directly onto your watercraft when the tide is low. 

Crafted from heavy-duty aluminum, we sourced ladders that will not rust in any kind of weather. They are long-lasting, and withstand tough, unforgiving waters.

Choose from:

  • Straight ladders
  • Standard lift ladders
  • Finger pier straight ladders
  • Finger pier lift ladders
  • Floating dock lift ladders

Try our available FloatStepⓇ Support system option to keep your ladder out of the water when not in use to avoid marine growth. 

Dock Lighting

Some of the best ambiance comes after sunset, and you want to enjoy your outdoor space and the water in the evening, too. Harbor Exports has aesthetically beautiful, functional, and quality lighting solutions so you can take a late-night boat ride. 

Maybe you want pilings visible to boaters, a lit walkway, or bright lights for fish processing in the evenings. We have a host of lighting options for everything from railing post cap and under-mount lights for a soft glow to a selection of wharf lights, solar lights, or riser lights. Enjoy wide illumination without harshness or marked, lit pathways that do not light surrounding areas. 

Eaton Power Pedestals

We are proud to offer power pedestals from the leader in the electrical industry: Eaton. Rugged, reliable, energy-efficient, and with a limited lifetime warranty, Eaton pedestals power vessels of all sizes. They’re also clean-looking with a modern feel, easy to install and service by your electrician, and meet the electrical code requirements for shore power access and safety standards. 

Fish Cleaning Tables

There’s nothing like cooking up a fresh fish catch for supper! An outdoor table for cleaning and processing your fish makes it that much more of a pleasant experience to put your catch on your plate. 

Choose from 2-legged, 4-legged, and 6-legged cleaning tables that make discarding unwanted fish parts back into the ocean a breeze. Our portable models are easy to transport between your boat and dock, and we also have no-fuss detachable and professional, permanent cleaning tables for fish enthusiasts.

Need the bells and whistles? No problem. Optional accessories include:

  • Knife-holding caddies
  • Additional storage shelves
  • Hose caddies
  • Cup holders
  • Sinks

Check out the Niagara table if you’re looking for a superior clean-up remedy. As its name implies, with a constant flow of water over the table’s surface, you can work and clean at the same time. And naturally, our tables are easy to install.


Cleats, slides, supports, and whips: our mooring equipment selection keeps your vessel safe on the water. You can tailor your solution with chain, wire, and synthetic fiber for mooring lines, ropes, or a combination of them. Our team is here to help you assess and decide on the best mooring solutions for your personal needs. 

Piling Caps

When docks are properly maintained, they can last a lifetime. Piling caps protect your dock pilings from the weather, make it easier to dock, and deter birds from landing and roosting on your dock. We carry a wide variety of caps and sizes so you can find the right fit, including flat and cone-shaped. 

Import the Dock Accessories You Need, Quickly & Safely 

Dock construction projects can become complicated when you don’t have the right resources in place. At Harbor Exports, we guide you through everything from custom design orders to supply chain surprises. When you’re ready to import or export dock accessories or other materials for your next project, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear about your ideas and show you how we can help.