1. structural composite lumber

    What is Structural Composite Lumber?

    Engineered wood products are transforming conventional construction. Today, building structures demand more than what wooden decks and structures provide, requiring greater resilience against wear and tear, high load-bearing capacity, and…
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    Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture: 7 Types & How To Choose One

    Wooden outdoor furniture can go a long way in accentuating your patio or deck space. From having a spacious sectional to enjoy a bonfire on to Adirondack chairs to sit…
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    5 Beautiful Tropical Hardwoods for Your Next Project

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    What’s the Best Type of Wood for a Pergola?

    If the idea of incorporating a pergola into your outdoor area has crossed your mind, you're certainly on the right track toward enhancing both the beauty and functionality of your…
  5. can you paint engineered wood

    Can You Paint Engineered Wood?

    You may often encounter situations where you need to update or transform engineered wood surfaces. But can you paint engineered wood products (EWP)? Absolutely! A new coat of paint is…
  6. view of a dock on the ocean

    Types of Railing Deck Design Ideas

    In this article, we will explore a diverse range of deck railing styles that are sure to captivate your imagination and elevate the overall ambiance of your deck.
  7. what kind of lumber is good for rainy weather

    What’s the Best Kind of Lumber for Rainy Weather?

    Rainy weather can be a challenge for any construction project. However, with the right kind of lumber, you can ensure your building stands up to even the wettest conditions.  This…
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    The Best Deck Railing Materials Explained

    Are you building a deck but feeling unsure about the best deck railing material to choose? With a plethora of railing options, it can be challenging to know which material…
  9. heat treated vs pressure treated lumber

    Heat-Treated vs. Pressure-Treated Lumber

    When it comes to building materials, homeowners and commercial contractors simply love using wood. That’s because wood is beautiful for outdoor uses such as decking, fences, and various types of…
  10. marine grade lumber

    What Is Marine-Grade Lumber?

    When it comes to woodworking, medium-density overlay (MDO) lumber is often enough for the job. As a result, contractors use this all-purpose building material in many different applications. But when…